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OnlineCoachingBusiness.com™ is on a mission to help people make 💰 doing what they ♥️ by starting & scaling online coaching businesses that give them the freedom to work from anywhere, make an impact & design the lifestyle they want.

About Jeff & Jess Bangshow

Jeff & Jess Bangshow are known as a couple of the most sought after online coach mentors in the online business community.

They’re famous for helping people build 6-figure online coaching businesses in less than 90 days using organic marketing, WITHOUT expensive ads, guru funnels or tech skills.

They’ve built 2 6-figure coaching businesses from scratch within 90 days and been featured on Bloomberg TV and all the major publications...All while traveling the world, having fun, & running their coaching business in less than 2 hours day.

And now, they’re sharing with you the lessons they’ve learned along the way, so that YOU too can build an online coaching business you love that gives you the freedom to work from anywhere, make an impact, & design the lifestyle you want.

Our Philosophy

We believe the perfect profitable coaching business allows you to work from anywhere, make an impact, & design the lifestyle you want. To achieve this balance, we follow a philosophy based on 8 core principles:

🏆 Get Clients Results: Go the extra mile & constantly refine our programs to be best
📈 Do The Work Daily: Success is earned by doing the basics & boring work daily
✅ Keep Everything Simple: Focus on the key actions that matter. 80/20 & track KPIs
🚀 Speed Is King: A good plan executed now is better than a perfect plan done later
💃🏽 Consistency Is Queen: Everything must be onbrand, shareworthy & factor in lifestyle

​​🤓 Stay Humble: Be confident, but stay humble & let the work speak for itself

​​🌎 Collaborate To Win: Build a network of entrepreneurs. Your network=your networth
🌅 Think Long Term: Keep the mission the key focus

Our Backstory

This is the story of how we went from being a couple of broke college students headed for boring corporate jobs and average lives...

To making money doing what we love, by starting an online coaching business that gives us the freedom to work from anywhere, make an impact & design a lifestyle we love (+how you can do the same)!

So grab a cocktail, we think you’ll dig this…

Escaping The Ordinary & Discovering The Bangshows 

It all started back when I (Jeff) was a broke college student headed for a boring corporate job and average life. 

Now, that just didn’t sound fun, so I poured a glass of tequila to help brainstorm other options. I started searching Google and Youtube for things like “how to start an online business”, and that’s when I discovered an underground group of online entrepreneurs, who I nicknamed Bangshows, who were running 6-7 figure online businesses all over the world.

They were working from anywhere, making an impact, having tons of fun...and when I saw what they were doing, I was like “these Bangshows are living the lifestyle I want.”

Starting My First Online Business & Realizing I Need Help

So I tried to start my first online business.

I was super into fitness at the time, so my plan was to get some fitness clients online. So I set up a website and…NOTHING. Long story short, I figured out real quick that it’s hard to attract clients online! You can’t just put up a website and expect people to find you. 

I realized that if I was going to have a shot at making this online business thing work, I was gonna need some help.

Buying Courses From Gurus & “Funneling All Over Myself”

So I started buying online business courses from the old “online gurus”. 

You know, the flashy ones with the Rolex watches, rented Lambos and paid models? Ya, young Jeff fell for that sh%t. The problem was, these “gurus” said I needed a “marketing funnel” to get clients online.

Even worse, with these complicated funnels, they also said I needed: copywriting to write the funnel pages, branding to make the funnel look pretty, tech expertise to set the funnel up, and then we gotta buy ads to make it all work. 

And it’s not like I had any money to spend on ads at the time…I was a broke college kid remember? 

Being Misled By The Gurus & Feeling Like A Failure

At this point, I was frustrated and pissed off. 

I felt like the gurus had sold me a false bag of goods. I was spending all my time and money trying to make these funnels work, and I felt bad because I couldn’t even afford to take my girlfriend out to dinner! It was so embarrassing.

Even worse, I felt like a failure as a son: my parents had invested all this money in my education so that I could get a good traditional job, and here I was spending all my time trying (and failing) to make this online business work. Ya, I was getting a client here and there, but nothing consistent.

I thought “there has to be a simpler way. This online business stuff has got to be less complicated”.

Meeting The Mentor & Regaining My Confidence

Then, something amazing happened. 

I saw that my friend Ollie was crushing it with his online business, so I put my ego aside and asked him “Dude, how are you attracting clients so fast?” And he said, “VIDEO”. I just make educational video content online, then I tell people who like it and want to learn more to book a call, and then I close them on the call.

And the best part is, you don’t even have to be good at sales, since people already know you and like you from watching your videos. The sales call literally turns into a casual Q&A call.” 

Now that conversation changed EVERYTHING for me: instead of trying to do the old complicated marketing funnel approach to get clients, I could simply make videos, book calls, and close sales!

Making A Plan & Giving One Last Effort

So I came up with a plan to model Ollie’s approach: I’d make videos to attract clients, invite them to book calls, and then close them over the phone. 

And I knew that if I failed, I’d have to drop my prices just to get some clients in the door, I’d have to drop my standards and take on less than ideal clients, and ultimately, I’d have to drop my dreams, because I know working for less money, with worse clients, realistically wouldn’t ever allow me the financial or lifestyle freedom I really wanted.

Bottom line, I HAD to make this work. This was my last resort.

Taking Imperfect Action & FINALLY Getting Results

So I took action by doing this: 

I stayed up all night making videos with my phone, I posted the videos on social media, I emailed the videos to potential clients, and then I passed out as the sun came up.

The next morning I opened my computer to check my email and I couldn’t believe my eyes: a couple of people had responded to my videos and they wanted to talk! This simple video marketing strategy was ACTUALLY working. So I got on calls with a few of them, and then literally closed a client a day later.

But it didn’t stop there. After it was all over, I was able to sign 5 new clients (a couple fitness clients and a few marketing clients) and hit $10k that first month.

I now had a way to attract clients, I now had money to take my girlfriend out to dinner, and most importantly, I no longer felt like a failure…now, I felt PROUD.

Reading The 4 Hour Work Week & Scaling With Coaching

Here’s how I took things to the next level...

The 4 Hour Work Week introduced me to the 80/20 principle which states 80% of your results come from 20% of your actions. And looking at my 2 businesses (both fitness and marketing), I realized that 80% of my income was being generated by my marketing clients. 

So I closed down my fitness site and went all-in on attracting marketing clients. Then, things took off: I invested in a coach to teach me high ticket sales, and I hit my first $20k month. Soon I was getting hired to teach people at $5-25k masterminds how to attract clients. 

And within a few months, I dropped out of college to pursue my online consulting business full-time and started traveling the world.

Chasing The Money & Becoming a Materialistic B%tch

After a few months of travel, I returned home to the U.S. and started spending money like it was going out of style. 

I got the dream place, the dream toys and my dream car. But to pay for all this stuff I now had to take on less than desirable clients. Yes, I was getting my clients results, and I was making good money (some were paying me $10k/mo), but I was burnt out and spending money as fast as I was making it.

To be honest, I had way more fun living the simple life working a few hours a day and surfing in Costa Rica.

Meeting Jess At A Party & Re-Igniting The Travel Flame

Around that time, I met a girl named Jess at a dinner party.

She told me she ran an online business too, and the reason she ran her online business was so that she could travel. “Hmm, this girl’s my vibe” I thought. Long story short, we hit it off, and within a few months we sold most of our stuff and packed up our things to travel the world for the next few years and live the simple life. It was awesome.

We had the FREEDOM to work from anywhere, work with cool clients, and design the lifestyle we wanted.

Hitting An Invisible Ceiling & Realizing Services Don’t Scale

While working from the road was nice and our clients were epic (we even worked with 3 9-figure entrepreneurs and a couple billion dollar brands), Jess and I were hitting an invisible ceiling with our services and consulting work.

We each simply couldn’t handle more than 5-6 clients comfortably at a time. We tried “agency life”, and hired a few employees, but it was hard to keep work quality high, profits went down, and we realized managing a bunch of employees just isn’t our jam (to be honest, it’s a lot like herding puppies).

A mentor of ours said it best: “services don’t scale”.

Switching To The Coaching Model

We decided to switch from the done-for-you service approach to the done-with-you coaching model, and it was an instant success.

We launched a video marketing coaching program where we taught our clients our strategy for attracting 2-5 new clients a month organically. We grew from scratch to a 6 figure coaching business within 60 days, organically, no ads needed (we practice what we preach).

We got clients great results and were even featured on Amazon Prime & Bloomberg TV.

Refining Our Coaching Process & Relaunching The Business

While we grew fast, we realized 3 things: 

1. We really liked working with coaches

2. Our video marketing program should be a yearly mastermind where instead of just helping our clients attract 2-5 new clients a month, we help them 2-5x their business over the course of a year, 

3. Half the coaches who applied for our video marketing program didn’t have their business foundations and systems set up properly.

As a result, we’d end up spending the first month together just setting up their business correctly before even touching video marketing. We thought “what if we could create a coaching program to fix this problem, so that when we DO teach them how to use video marketing, it’s like pouring gasoline on a fire?”.

So, we went dark for a couple months to create a coaching program designed to help ANYONE go from scratch to a 6 figure coaching business within 90 days, and then $100k+ in the first year. It's called The Mastermind™ and honestly there's nothing else like it.

Building For Impact & Designing A Life We Love

Tired of living out of suitcases, Jess and I set up residency in Puerto Rico to live half the year, and then spend the rest of the year between LA, Europe and Costa Rica.

Now, the mission is simple: to help people escape an average life and make money doing what they love by starting an online coaching business...

So that they too can live anywhere, make an impact, and design lifestyles they want. If that sounds like your vibe, we’d love to have you join us.

It all starts with booking a free demo call here.

Cheers to you making money doing what you love by starting an online coaching business,

-Jeff & Jess Bangshow
Founders Of OnlineCoachingBusiness.com™

We help you build an online coaching business you love 
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